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I work (for now), I love, I live, I have fun. Just with wheelchairs and drugs and spasms and stuff...

17 July 2023
A motorised / off-road wheelchair use in a field. He is wearing his red Wheelchair Rugby kit

Since When Was I Disabled?

July is Disability Pride month. For the record, if you hadn’t already figured out, I’m disabled. And very very proud to be so. 83% of disabled people aren’t born so. For the majority of us then, it’s a convoluted journey to accept our disability. Some  never get there. It’s a further scramble to learn to be proud of our disability. Society and attitudes aren’t particularly helpful there. On July 2nd I attended https://www.parallellifestyle.com/windsor2023…(in Windsor Great Park). As an ambassador. As a participant and fundraiser. And hugger of lots of other disabled and non-disabled people. It was a fabulous celebration of disability and inclusion. Disabled and non-disabled people *together*. Enjoying company, achievements, celebrating, laughing. Hi-Fiving. Almost as if we’re normal. Which […]
20 February 2020

What has Disability Ever Done For me?

    That was a poorly timed Monty Python joke of a title if you weren’t sure… RIP the spamtastic Terry Jones. And he’s not even in this picture. Oops. I so wish I wasn’t disabled. I wish to the depth of my spasms I didn’t have Multiple Sclerosis. It hurts on so many levels, it’s relentless and it is utterly, mind-bogglingly exhausting. But do I wish life were different? Nope. I am delightedly, delightfully, deliciously, dottily married. We have two stupendous children. A lovely extended family. I am knicker-droppingly‌ gorgeous. Obviously. If balding, ageing and sometimes smelly. What more could I want? (Crème brûlée more often possibly, if I am being picky?). I was prompted to think this through […]