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I work (for now), I love, I live, I have fun. Just with wheelchairs and drugs and spasms and stuff...

21 June 2019

Why I do stupid things…

Hmmm… That title could take this blog so many directions!   Option 1 Yes, Multiple Sclerosis makes me visibly disabled, tired, never far from a loo etc. It also affects my thinking. Cognitive Dysfunction they call it. The same faulty nerve signals affecting my legs (for example) directly impact my brain. I can’t process the world around me as fast as others. I can’t concentrate or focus for long. I forget things, especially short-term. I struggle to multi-task. [insert appropriate bloke joke]. On a bad MS day, I would certainly pass as stoopid. Nope, not talking about that today. Option 2 It’s a bugger, but my brain is also affected in other, subtler ways. (the long-suffering Mrs W would argue […]
14 February 2018

Paying love and kindness forward – How the world should work

‘Be one of the good guys’. That’s one of only two life rules I give our young sons, (the other being ‘work hard’. Not sure how good I was at that when school age). ‘Be one of the good guys’ plays well I think as an overall philosophy, but also as a parent, it works suitably loosely when I need to haul them over the coals for any – rare of course – transgressions. These two rules might not make them rich, but I’m hoping it will make them, and others, happy. Far more important in my book. Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day Eve, I received a fabulous note, via a stranger on LinkedIn of all places, reminding me of a […]
20 April 2017
Mark and his colleague Javier front of pic, wearing blue jackets. We’re surrounded by Disney characters. And in the background is Michael Jackson.

And they all lived differently ever after

Once upon a time (exactly 25 years ago in fact), 12,000 young, enthusiastic and adventurous people descended on a mysterious location one hour east of Paris. And all these youngsters were magically transformed into ‘cast members’ by passing through a special little school called Disney University. We came out smiling and laughing, excited about a wondrous new place about to open called EuroDisney. We were immortal. And lots of us were given jobs like room-cleaning, popcorn-selling and heating up french fries. Some of us got super lucky and landed once-in-a-lifetime jobs like driving a steam train, playing a famous character and dancing in parades, performing as real live cowboy, or looking after VIPs and celebrities. I landed that last job. […]
1 January 2017
Mark and his colleague Javier front of pic, wearing blue jackets. We’re surrounded by Disney characters. And in the background is Michael Jackson.

It’s a start…

Bounding into 2017 with a blog. Just as I intended to in 2016. And 2015 for that matter. Possibly 2014. Start as you mean to go on and all that! Big anniversaries, nasty and nice, for me this year. 25 years since I was a proud ‘cast member’ of the Opening Crew of EuroDisney, now Disneyland Paris. My first job there was looking after ‘A’ List celebrities, as you do. Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Eva Gabor. An endless bank of stories and memories there. And yes, in answer to your question, Michael was weird. I’m taking the family back there for the 25-year bash, 12th April. I’m super-excited about that, with lots of ex-colleagues I haven’t […]