I work (for now), I love, I live, I have fun. Just with wheelchairs and drugs and spasms and stuff...

3 April 2018

Taking my wheelchair to untested heights. Pooping myself.

So I’ve got this fantastic new wheelchair, see. And it’s red and funky and off-road and crowdfunded, see. And even though the weather has been ‘beige’ and soggy at best, the mile-wide grin on my face each time we’ve ventured out, has kinda sizzled its way through the mist. Beamed out like a new lighthouse for the South Coast. Though lighthouses don’t shout for joy much. Or travel at four miles per hour. Or take selfies. Or go home after a jolly good trip out. Bad analogy. Even making tentative steps, so to speak, I’ve already managed ecstatic bundles of ‘first time in years’ moments. A snowball fight (see previous blog for a thrilling blow by blow account); a muddy […]
19 March 2018

Joy snatched from the jaws of despair

A challenging few days in the Webb household. As if most of them are straightforward… Eldest son on crutches with tendonitis. Borrowing an old pair of mine. Ah, those halcyon, dreamy days of still getting round on crutches! Mrs W pain-killered up to the eyeballs with two slipped discs after a relatively innocuous-seeming tumble down four or five stairs. Me ok (well, just the pesky Multiple Sclerosis). Younger son ok (well just the chocolate mess on his face and the traditional meltdown over English homework). Sunday – yesterday as I write – started very very badly for me. 4am alarm to get a boy on crutches ready for a school trip setting off at 5.20am sharp. The sort of chore […]