A good life (honestly!) with Multiple Sclerosis…


I work (for now), I love, I live, I have fun. Just with wheelchairs and drugs and spasms and stuff...

5 March 2022
A selection of five photos in a montage. All showing either my sister - a beautiful brunette - from babydom to her 40s - or that same sister plus me also brown haired and white, also from teeny to 40s ish. We’re always happy, we are always clearly loving each other

Dealing with grief in the saddest of times

It’s all about Ukraine isn’t it? Well this one is too. Kinda. Grief. Time to recognise nearly all of us are going through versions of grief right now: So many of us were already coming to terms with two surreal years. Thanks Pandemic. 😬. Lost loved ones. Lost freedoms. Lost businesses and careers. Lost opportunities. Lost contact. Lost health. Lost dreams. (Some of us in the vulnerable category are now grieving lost protections, but that’s a complaint for another day). And suddenly we are grieving – among many other emotions – for Ukraine. For democracy. For human beings. Those of us long in the tooth are sad we’re racing towards another Cold War. Putin fans are confused. And any dictator […]
15 January 2022
A man in red short-sleeved shirt and dodgy patchwork trousers is sitting outside in his wheelchair. He's in a lovely garden setting (mature trees in the background). He's clearly pretending to work (laptop, headphones) as he has a cheeky smile and a glass of booze

Sodding Multiple Sclerosis and Sodding Covid. My mental health in quiet isolation.

Ironically, whilst trying to write for months about mental health, I have been struggling with a mental block in putting pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard. Actually it’s been so long it should be quill to parchment. So long that the word ‘blog’ probably wasn’t invented and I should call this ‘ye olde chronicle update’. Awkward. I have faintly covered up my failures with virtual speaking engagements and a shiny series of new podcasts, https://www.prca.org.uk/Disability-at-the-Table . Available on all your favourite gramophones now, with a thrilling new episode out soon. So I can blame my workload on a good few distractions and my fave new invented phrase, ‘other nonsensing’. I’ve stayed tastily busy. Not to mention on telly a […]
9 November 2021

The Forgotten Minority

I’ve been rubbish at keeping up-to-date with my blog. About to rectify! In the meantime, a lovely opportunity to catch up with Sara Hawthorn. She doesn’t like me calling her a guru, but she’s fab. A social media friend for yonks, Sara runs an ongoing survey into disability representation in the PR industry. Few would deny that disabled people in PR are few and far between. But the stats that emerge point to stigma and reticence around ‘coming out’. Too grim a listen? Nah, Sara is fun and constructive. And bloody hell her Scottish accent may be charming. But a nightmare to edit for the written version. 😬 Sara is a Chartered PR practitioner who ran her own agency for […]
4 October 2021
A purple background. Wording is: Disability@TheTable / MARK WEBB / PRCA EIAC.Silhouette image of a wheelchair rugby player to the left. To the right, a profile pic of a smiling young ladt looking to her right. Straight brunette hair down to her shoulders

Style, Stigma and Spin – A New Podcast

If you know anything about my (lack of) fashion sense, you’ll be as bewildered as I am that I’m virtual friends with a guru making news and waves in the area of Adaptive, Inclusive Clothing. Which is also stylish. And sustainably produced. And she has seen pics of me. And still talks to me and everything… We recorded a podcast together. Victoria laughs at my jokes and everything! https://anchor.fm/disabilityatthetable/episodes/Style–Stigma-and-Spin-e17ri0n Must get out a blog. Very soon.