A good life (honestly!) with Multiple Sclerosis…


I work (for now), I love, I live, I have fun. Just with wheelchairs and drugs and spasms and stuff...

2 August 2021
A group of outline cartoon humans, some with visible disabilities. interact with varuious graphics depicting aspects of the modern digital world

Let me in! (To your website and your Comms).A new Podcast…

Woohoo, here we go with our launch proper! After an introductory episode presented by our glorious leader Sudha Singh and me as guest, I now assume the hot seat. Dive in here if no need for my babble:  https://anchor.fm/disabilityatthetable OR: https://www.prca.org.uk/Disability-at-the-Table Now I’m your cliché disabled person. Middle-aged, creaking round in a wheelchair. Sleeping a lot. But the world of disabled people is rich and diverse and I hope to show you that. Every guest will, I hope, surprise you a little. And thought-provoke you a lot. And always, always bear in mind that circa 20% of the population are disabled in some way. They are your customers, your employees. And if not, why not? My first guest is Jonathan Hassell. […]
15 July 2021
A very handsome chap is on a patio, arms wide open and a celebratory look on his face. He is in a Wheelchair Rugby Chair. He's wearing shorts, a white shirt with multicolour shoulder area. And a ridiculous Mohican dyed rusty orange.

How I Found My Exercise Mojo Again

Mark Webb is starring in the latest ‘We Are Undefeatable’ ad campaign – to encourage people with long-term health conditions to get active. [A Guest Blog for the http://MSSociety.org.uk ] He tells us about his journey to becoming a ‘hunk in one bicep’… Pre-diagnosis Once upon a time, I was a high flying school rugby captain and a sporty all-rounder. Then a flashy ski rep living the high life in the Swiss Alps. Then not so long ago but still a distant memory, I worked for a health and fitness brand. Every Saturday I’d be sweating away in the gym and in spin classes. I’d complete an annual triathlon and swim at least twice a week. But something wasn’t right. I would […]
23 June 2021
On a purple background, a smartphone features. An image of a male in rugby gear is sitting in his Wheelchair Rugby chair holding a to the left of the scree

Disability@TheTable: The Podcast You Never Knew You Wanted

[A guest blog I wrote for the PRCA https://prca.org.uk  , our worldwide PR body. Click here to skip past my nonsense and listen to the podcast:  https://www.prca.org.uk/Disability-at-the-Table.]   What do we want? Real change in Diversity! When do we want it? Now! Yeah, right. More work to be done. Launch day is upon us. Finally I can proudly confirm I’m helping lead the charge – or in my case the slow, creaky wheelchair roll – with the PRCA’s shiny new ‘Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council.’ (EIAC). I’m the lead in the Disability workstream. As such, I’ll be pushing hard for disability to figure in every Diversity & Inclusion conversation. We’re not there yet, despite our community being comfortably the largest […]
19 May 2021
A family of four, faces only, including two boys. All smiling

Multiple Sclerosis. Vaccinations. Can I venture out now? Will I?

In a double episode of ‘Back in the Game’, I am proud and excited to return: To blogging. After a brief and pesky technology pause. Information Technology was never a strong point of mine. My 1980s ZX Spectrum coding got as far as ’10 PRINT “I love you”, 20 GOTO 10. Pop here for some nostalgia if you recall the excitement of Space Invaders and 48k Ram. Or for some jaw-dropping and some pitying of us old folk if you’re younger:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZX_Spectrum To life more than 100 metres beyond our garden boundary. I’ve played it super careful these last sixteen months, but new Covid infections are now encouragingly low. And I nearly wet myself about our second jab booking. (Not […]