The Forgotten Minority

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Style, Stigma and Spin – A New Podcast
4 October 2021
A man in red short-sleeved shirt and dodgy patchwork trousers is sitting outside in his wheelchair. He's in a lovely garden setting (mature trees in the background). He's clearly pretending to work (laptop, headphones) as he has a cheeky smile and a glass of booze
Sodding Multiple Sclerosis and Sodding Covid. My mental health in quiet isolation.
15 January 2022
I’ve been rubbish at keeping up-to-date with my blog. About to rectify!
In the meantime, a lovely opportunity to catch up with Sara Hawthorn. She doesn’t like me calling her a guru, but she’s fab. A social media friend for yonks, Sara runs an ongoing survey into disability representation in the PR industry. Few would deny that disabled people in PR are few and far between. But the stats that emerge point to stigma and reticence around ‘coming out’. Too grim a listen? Nah, Sara is fun and constructive. And bloody hell her Scottish accent may be charming. But a nightmare to edit for the written version. 😬
Sara is a Chartered PR practitioner who ran her own agency for several years. She has been a visiting lecturer in digital marketing at Leeds Trinity University and was cited as one of the Shaw Trust’s top 100 influential people with a disability in 2018. She founded the DisAbility in PR network to tackle the woefully low numbers of disabled people working in PR and to work with agencies to overcome issues around ableism and exclusion of those with disabilities from entering and progressing in PR. She is a hearing aid user and is now living with Long Covid.
You can find Sara on Twitter @DisabilityPR and find plenty more thought-provoking info on


  1. Mal says:

    Blog without obligation! I love your blog tho. Hello from a fellow MSer from Australia.

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