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How I Found My Exercise Mojo Again
15 July 2021
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Style, Stigma and Spin – A New Podcast
4 October 2021
A group of outline cartoon humans, some with visible disabilities. interact with varuious graphics depicting aspects of the modern digital world

Digital inclusion- or not

Woohoo, here we go with our launch proper! After an introductory episode presented by our glorious leader Sudha Singh and me as guest, I now assume the hot seat. Dive in here if no need for my babble:  https://anchor.fm/disabilityatthetable
Now I’m your cliché disabled person. Middle-aged, creaking round in a wheelchair. Sleeping a lot. But the world of disabled people is rich and diverse and I hope to show you that. Every guest will, I hope, surprise you a little. And thought-provoke you a lot.
And always, always bear in mind that circa 20% of the population are disabled in some way. They are your customers, your employees. And if not, why not?
My first guest is Jonathan Hassell. I’ve shared a panel or three with him, and I’m always struck by his passion for his life’s work. I suspect he’s one of those annoying people who absolutely love what they do, day in, day out. I also suspect he’ll make you rethink some of your communications, your emails, your websites to access a wider audience. Because he’s a digital accessibility guru. (My words, not his).
As well as giving you a few hints and thoughts about improving your personal and your brands’ communications, we also discuss his journey into ‘our’ world. And we bitch a bit about Clubhouse.
Bio: Jonathan is one of the world’s top digital usability & accessibility thought leaders. He has over 20 years experience in identifying new directions and challenges in digital accessibility, finding best practice process and technology solutions, authoring international standards and presenting best practices to conference audiences across the world.
He has just delivered the new International accessibility Standard ISO 30071-1, which is based on the British Accessibility Standards BS 8878 that he led in 2010. He leads Hassell Inclusion’s team of accessibility experts in applying the Standard to provide strategic accessibility transformation services to organisations worldwide.
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Jonathan Hassell, yesterday

Check out https://www.hassellinclusion.com . It’s very accessible!


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