Taking my wheelchair to untested heights. Pooping myself.

Joy snatched from the jaws of despair
19 March 2018
Can I ever go on holiday again?
27 April 2018

So I’ve got this fantastic new wheelchair, see. And it’s red and funky and off-road and crowdfunded, see.

And even though the weather has been ‘beige’ and soggy at best, the mile-wide grin on my face each time we’ve ventured out, has kinda sizzled its way through the mist. Beamed out like a new lighthouse for the South Coast. Though lighthouses don’t shout for joy much. Or travel at four miles per hour. Or take selfies. Or go home after a jolly good trip out. Bad analogy.

Even making tentative steps, so to speak, I’ve already managed ecstatic bundles of ‘first time in years’ moments. A snowball fight (see previous blog for a thrilling blow by blow account); a muddy promenade along the cliffs, with my twelve-year-old daredevil son begging me more than once to inch back from the edge; a crunchy wheel spin through soft sand; a whizz along the sand flats; and a rather embarrassing ‘back wheel sink’ into the wet sand at the water’s edge. Briefly marooned. Oops. I make Mrs W so proud.

But now comes the real test. The one I’m pooping myself about. Not literally. That’s for another blog.

Tomorrow we’re off on holiday. On a plane. And at some point tomorrow – hopefully only at the foot of the plane – I have to surrender my expensive new lifeline to be loaded into the hold. I’ll spend the next few airborne hours worrying about my ‘Trekinetic’ (which needs a name by the way. All suggestions welcome, though I have one in mind). Will it be damaged? Lost? Will they remember I need it delivered on the tarmac? Gah! And the entire flight I’ll also be wondering just how they plan to get me to the loo in the very likely event I need a pee. Apparently it’s all very awkward. Great.

I’ll report back from the sun lounger. All will have gone swimmingly. I promise. I hope.



  1. I hate to say this, but I've heard a lot of horror stories about people and their wheelchairs on planes. I hope all goes well. And that is the coolest wheelchair! I've never seen one like it.

  2. Made it. But not without some heartache! Yup, one funky wheelchair. If wheelchairs can be funky…

  3. Findawav says:

    Findawav open transportation Wheelchair Friendly Cars. There is in reality just a bunch in a few zones. I wager your van is done at this point. How could it turn out, and how are the treks going along?

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