Urology. Rhymes with Eurghh-ology

Ten Years… Happy Diagnosiversary to me!
30 April 2017
“Freedom!” (shouted in a manly but appalling Scottish accent)
19 May 2017

Urology. The dark arts of investigating malfunctioning bladder and bowels. I doff my cap to anyone who enters or leaves medical studies and says, “I know, I’ll become an expert in wee and poo and stuff.”

Sadly, like many a person with Multiple Sclerosis, I’m well-acquainted with urologists and their capacity for rummaging around and describing with complete precision the shape and size of my prostate. All the while chatting to me about the time of day or this afternoon’s weather.

And the title of my blog, “One man and his catheters,” may just indicate one routine I have to follow three or four times a day. The first time I did it, the nurse training me, (no, she wasn’t young, Swedish or gorgeous), told me she feared I would pass out. It really is rather scary at first poking something up your willy. But it soon becomes as routine as brushing your teeth. And much quicker. Best not mix the two jobs up though…

Usually a urology check-up lasts a few minutes at most. This afternoon, as a result of my recent morphine-hazy hospital stay with a stonking bladder infection, I’m in for a thorough examination. Could be up to four hours they tell me. I’m wincing thinking about it. And I won’t be reporting any details back, thank you.


  1. Michael says:

    Hope all goes well. I'm off to to UCL research for my spasisicity today

  2. Would be fascinated as to what they say as to spasticity. I just get subscribed more drugs each time I report more spasms…

  3. Julie Dean says:

    Hope your visit went well and you have not been left feeling too exhausted . x

  4. Thanks Julie. 2 or 3 hours, with nothing too awful happening… Miss you!

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